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The Savage STLTH pods are the newest addition to the rapidly growing Stlth family! An incredibly delicious new set of Stlth pod flavours that is sure to WOW you. Some of the new flavours available include Strawberry Kiwi Lemon, Rockets Candy, and Lemon Lime Banana! The SAVAGE Stlth pods offer you a unique and diverse line-up of highly addictive flavours that will most certainly keep you coming back for more.


Strawberry Kiwi Watermelon- Fresh garden strawberries infused with juicy watermelon and sweet kiwi. 

Blood Orange Ice- A refreshing, citrus blood orange with an icy cool exhale

Strawnana- Succulent strawberries and sweet, rich banana slices. A classic!

Rocket- Channel your inner child with this unbelievably delicious rockets candy flavour that is just OUT of this world!

Power- Take full control of your taste buds with this mysterious yet powerful mix of sweet and sour. 

Lemon Lime Banana- Zesty and sour lemon lime meets deliciously sweet banana slices 

Grape Apple Ice- A mouth-watering grapple with a cool, refreshing exhale.

Tropic Breeze: A cool frozen exhale blended with sweet coconut and fresh pineapple juice.

Apple Ringer: For just the perfect proportion of sweetness, a sour apple and a ripe peach are mixed together.

Pineapple Lemon: Zesty pineapple is perfectly complemented by sour lemon.

Slam Dunk: A fresh, sweet halo with  cinnamon undertone.

Orange Mango Guava: With a hint of frost, zesty orange, guava and ripe mango blended to perfection!