STLTH Titan 10K Disposable Vape

Embark on a journey with the STTH Titan 10K Disposable Vape, where exceptional power fuses with remarkable performance. This cutting edge disposable is from the same makers of the STLTH 8K Pro and many more STLTH disposables.

This 10000 Puffs STLTH vape offers vapers 15 great flavour options. Each Flavour is perfectly made to satisfy any taste. A 19ml E-Liquid capacity, the Titan ensures one of the longest-lasting consistent vaping experiences on the market today.

The Titan 10K disposable vape has the largest STLTH Disposable Battery yet, with a massive 900mAh battery which will ensure an uninterrupted vaping experience. This massive power bank is rechargeable with a USB-C charger.

The Titan 10K disposable vape has Dual Vertical Mesh Coils - unlocking dual power, twice the hit. This breakthrough in coil technology unleashes maximum power potential, that releases a potent stream of flavour depth. Additionally, the Titan has a convenient LED light indicator for your battery and your juice to help you keep an eye on both so you recharge or replace when the time is right!ย 

STLTH has become a household vaping name amongst Canadians due to their product line up, flavours and quality.ย 

The Titan 10K has all the makings of a great disposable vape! Vape barn gives this disposable a 2 thumbs up!