ZBOLD PRO Disposable Vape - Zpods - 24K Puffs Combo - Wings

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Introducing Our Biggest Savings To Our disposable Line! Save 25%!!!!

The ZBOLD PRO disposable combo vape by Zpod is the newest disposable by Zpod!

This combo offers you a 25% savings!

This new combo is for all the Zpod lovers out there! Same juice, same flavours now in a disposable!

Flavour Profile:
  • Wings

The ZBOLD PRO disposable by Zpod boasts 38 ML of salt nicotine in a bold blend to mimic the 50 MG throat hit! Each disposable packs 19 ML of juice and 12,000 Puffs.

The ZBOLD PRO disposable vape combo by Zpod is yet another disposable vape from the Zpod manufacturer! 

The Z Bold Pro disposable by Z pod features an LED screen which displays real time your battery life and your liquid life, leaving you zero time for guessing.

The Z Bold Pro disposable combo by Zpod is a rechargeable disposable 12,000 Puffs each an exclusive delight for the Canadian market. With a generous 19ml reservoir of salt nicotine in each, the ZBOLD Pro  disposable by Zpod is the best value on the market!

Key features of the ZBold Pro Disposable Vape

  • 2 disposables in one pack
  • Bold Blend 
  • 12,000 Puffs each disposable - TOTAL 24,000 PUFFS
  • LED screen
  • 19 ML Salt Nic in each disposable for a total of 38 ML 
  • Mesh Coil
  • Rechargeable