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Introducing Our Biggest Savings To Our disposable Line! Save 25%!!!!

The ZBest disposable combo vape by Zpod is the newest disposable to the Vape Barn family. This combo offers you a 25% savings!

This new combo is for all the Zpod lovers out there! Same juice, same flavours now in a disposable!

The Z Best disposable by Zpod boasts 18,000 Puffs divided into 2 disposables. Each disposable gives 9000 Puffs!

The ZBEST disposable vape combo by Zpod is yet another disposable vape from the Zpod manufacturer! 

The Z Best disposable by Z pod features an LED screen which displays real time your battery life and your liquid life, leaving you zero time for guessing.

The Z Best disposable combo by Zpod is a rechargeable disposable 9,000 Puffs each an exclusive delight for the Canadian market. The ZBest  disposable combo by Zpod is the best value on the market!

Key features of the Z Best Disposable Vape

  • 2 disposables in one pack
  • 20 mg Nicotine Special Nic Blend
  • 9,000 Puffs each disposable - TOTAL 18,000 PUFFS
  • LED screen
  • 18 ML Salt Nic in each disposable for a total of 36 ML 
  • Mesh Coil
  • Rechargeable
Flavour Profiles:
  • Strawnana

What's In The Box:

  • 2 Disposables of the same flavour - each 18 ML

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