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POP has released some new delicious flavours they're calling the STLTH compatible Pop Pods. For those who don't know, these new Stlth compatible pod flavours are inspired by the incredibly popular disposable vape, "Pop". If you've never heard of it before, it was one of the best disposable vape brands at the time known for their overwhelmingly delicious flavours.

Pop has decided to model their new flavours around the disposable POP brand after seeing their massive success. Similar in design and flavours, you can now enjoy these amazing new Pop flavours that so many other disposable vape users have enjoyed in the past. 



Choose from an array of delicious flavours including; 


Chilled Strawberry Pom- A delicious strawberry pomegranate with an icy exhale

Luscious Watermelon- A mouthwatering, refreshing watermelon flavour 

Chilled Blue Razz- Freshly picked blueberries and red raspberries on ICE

Chilled Cotton- Sweet cotton candy goodness with a cold exhale 

Creamy Strawnana- Fantastic blend of strawberries, banana and cream

Blackberry Lemon- Freshly picked blackberries with a hint of lemon

Creamy Peach Ice- A yum-tastic mix of sweet peaches and cream on ICE

Banana Ice- Rich, frozen bananas with a refreshing icy finish 

Grape Rush- Purple grapes picked fresh from the vines

Custard Craze - Vanilla Coke flavour

Prism Ice - Skittles on Ice

Tutti Fruit - Pineapple Strawberry

Mandarin Dream - Orange Cream

Iced Passionfruit - Passionfruit on ice

Iced Lychee Mangosteen - Lychee and mango on ice

Nectar of The Gods - Tropical fruit punch

Blue Acai

Mango strawberry 

Stlth continues to surprise us all with their creativity in the vaping industry.  Leading the way in the world of pre-filled pods, they never cease to impress when it comes to keeping it fresh. Constantly offering up new Stlth flavours to choose from, it is easy to see why they are the most popular brand in Canada at the moment.

If you're from the States, definitely take advantage of our international shipping and make sure to grab yourself a stlth device and some pods so you can start enjoying what so many Canadians are calling the best closed pod system in the industry!