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The RELX vape is currently one of the most popular closed-pod systems on the market. RELX has designed an ultra-smooth, ergonomic device that vapes incredibly comfortably while offering great features like leak-proof, symmetrical pods, quiet inhalation and a fast and sensitive draw that gives you rich vapour production. 

The Relx body fits perfectly in your palm and comes with a built-in 350mAh battery that uses USB-C charging for a simple and fast charge. The RELX pod fits snug and securely in your device while using 11 structural layers to help prevent internal leaking and condensation build-up for a much better vaping experience. You really won't believe how smooth the draw is! 

If you're comparing JUUL and RELX, the RELX vape offers a much more satisfying draw, while the Relx pod offers you higher-quality flavour with way more selection at almost 3 times the size of a Juul pod at a much lower price! When it comes to the best, inexpensive options on the market, RELX really hits a home run.