REAL STICK Disposable 20MG

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Brace yourselves for the REAL STICK Disposable vape, one of the most innovative disposables to date. The first ever coil-based disposable! (No, you don't have replace the coil or put it in). It comes equipped with a "pull and vape" design preventing the liquid from coming in contact with the coil before using, which guarantees the highest quality flavour and freshness, surpassing most other disposable pens on the market! 

The Real Stick disposable comes with a built-in battery and one of the most unique features, a 5mL pre-filled TRANSPARENT pod that lets you see the juice inside your disposable! Incredibly cool feature for a disposable vape that doesn't exist anywhere else at the time of this writing. 

Aside from that, it's extremely reliable and the flavour is just OFF the charts! 



Banana Ice: Frozen banana treat with the taste of sweet ripe bananas!

Blue Razz: A delicious blend of sour and tangy blue razz filled with sweetness and a hint of tartness

Classic Red Ice: A classic favourite with a hit of ice!

Grape Ice: A smooth blend of sweet white, ripe grapes with the perfect amount of menthol!

Lush Ice : Watermelon flavour infused with a fresh breeze of menthol!

Orange Mango Guava (OMG): This is the perfect exotic Caribbean delight! Orange mango guava is poured over an ice filled glass that has been chilled to perfection!

Pineapple Mango Peach: Taste of the tropics! A Caribbean fruit fusion of exotic mangoes, sweet pineapples and juicy peaches!

Strawberry Ice: Just imagine biting into a sweet ripe strawberry blasted with an icy twist!