Illusions Salt

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Vape Barn Review; Illusions, being one of the most popular lines in the entire industry, is now available in salt nicotine! 

THE PROPHET SALT: A fan favourite for years and arguably one of Illusions proudest crowning achievements is now available in nicotine salt. The Prophet is a divine mix of delectable dragon fruit, tangy guava and sweet blueberries that will definitely make you a believer! 

NIRVANA SALT: A heavenly blend of ripe mango, sweet peach, and juicy red raspberries. 

RED DAWN SALT: Mouth-watering red apples, citrus peach and fresh strawberries.

LEGION SALT: A whimsical blend of watermelon, açai berries and kiwi. 

Pandora Salt: Ripe Banana, Fresh Guava and Sweet Coconut