Ghost Mega Disposable Vape

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The Ghost Mega Disposable Vape is finally here! The bigger and badder version of the famous Ghost Disposable Vape that has taken over the disposable vape market recently. The Ghost Mega disposable Introduces the same flavours you already know and love, now with an even bigger e-juice capacity to give you more BANG for your buck. 

The Ghost Mega disposable vape comes equipped with 2500 puffs of spectacular flavour, as well as the optional Ghost Mega Disposable BOLD, which is a mixture of salt nicotine and regular nicotine with the purpose of delivering a stronger hit that is closer to a 50mg nic disposable vape, OR the regular 20mg Ghost Mega disposable vape. Also comes with bottom controlled air-flow design and a decent battery to boot, so you can vape your favourite flavours all day without the battery dying!