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Geek Bar Pulse 9000 Disposable Vape

Embark on an exotic flavor expedition with the Geek Bar Pulse in Tropical Burst Ice, a vibrant concoction that brings together a medley of tropical fruits with a refreshing icy overlay. This flavor is a celebration of tropical diversity, featuring a blend of exotic fruits that evoke the spirit of a sun-drenched island paradise, cooled by a gentle frosty breeze. It's an ideal choice for vapers who seek a burst of tropical flavors with an invigorating icy finish.

The Tropical Burst Ice flavor in the Geek Bar Pulse showcases the device's prowess in delivering a rich tapestry of tastes. Thanks to the advanced dual mesh coil technology, each puff is a seamless fusion of tropical fruit flavors, offering a lush and layered vaping experience. The Boost Mode function enhances the tropical sensation, intensifying the flavors for a more profound and exhilarating vape.

This device comes pre-filled with 16ml of high-quality salt nicotine e-liquid at a 20mg strength, ensuring a smooth and satisfying vape from the first inhale to the last. The design of the Geek Bar Pulse is both elegant and functional, featuring a full-height LED screen that provides instant feedback on e-liquid and battery levels. The 650mAh internal battery, complemented by Type-C fast charging, means you're always ready for a tropical adventure.

Key Features:

  • Up to 9000 puffs for a prolonged tropical fruit experience
  • Boost Mode to enhance the intensity of tropical flavors
  • LED screen for real-time e-liquid and battery monitoring
  • Rechargeable with Type-C fast charging for convenience
  • Dual mesh coil system for a rich blend of tropical fruit tastes
  • 16ml of 20mg salt nicotine e-liquid for consistent enjoyment
  • 650mAh internal battery for dependable performance

The Geek Bar Pulse in Tropical Burst Ice is a delightful journey through tropical flavors with a refreshing icy edge, perfect for vapers who desire a unique and high-quality vaping experience

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