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Geek Bar Pulse 9000 Disposable Vape

Delve into the crisp and invigorating world of the Geek Bar Pulse in Green Apple Ice flavor, a perfect rendition of tart green apples with a refreshing icy finish. This flavor captures the essence of freshly picked green apples, known for their sharp and vibrant taste, and enhances it with a cool, frosty sensation. It's an ideal choice for vapers who love the tangy zest of green apples combined with a chilling touch.

The Geek Bar Pulse stands out with its advanced dual mesh coil technology, ensuring each inhale is filled with the pure, unadulterated flavor of green apples, delivering a consistently smooth and enjoyable vaping experience. The device's Boost Mode adds an extra dimension to your vape, amplifying the airflow and flavor for a more intense and satisfying hit.

Equipped with 16ml of high-quality salt nicotine e-liquid at a 20mg strength, the Geek Bar Pulse offers a balanced and enjoyable vape throughout its lifespan. The sleek design is complemented by a full-height LED screen, which clearly displays your e-liquid and battery levels, keeping you informed and in control. The 650mAh internal battery, along with Type-C fast charging, ensures your device is always ready for use.

Key Features:

  • Up to 9000 puffs for long-lasting enjoyment
  • Boost Mode for an enhanced vaping experience
  • LED screen for easy monitoring of e-liquid and battery levels
  • Rechargeable with Type-C fast charging for convenience
  • Dual mesh coil technology for authentic green apple flavor
  • 16ml of 20mg salt nicotine e-liquid for a satisfying vape
  • 650mAh internal battery for consistent performance

The Geek Bar Pulse in Green Apple Ice is more than just a disposable vape; it's a testament to flavor excellence and technological innovation, perfect for vapers seeking a crisp, high-quality vaping experience.

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