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Embark on a refreshing journey with Flip Salt Nic Juice's Tropical Ice, a vibrant blend of exotic tropical fruits finished with a crisp icy sensation. This e-juice is like a cool breeze on a sun-soaked tropical island, perfect for vapers seeking an escape into a world of fruity freshness and icy delight.

Savor the lush, varied flavors of tropical fruits, each puff delivering the essence of a sun-ripened, juicy bounty from the tropics. This exotic fruit medley offers a rich, sweet, and tangy experience that dances on the palate, transporting you to distant shores. The addition of an icy finish provides a rejuvenating chill, perfectly balancing the warmth of the tropical fruit flavors.

Formulated with Flip's expertly crafted nic salt blend, Tropical Ice provides a smooth and satisfying throat hit, making every vape session a luxurious indulgence. The optimal 50/50 VG/PG ratio ensures a harmonious balance between intense flavor and ample vapor production.

Tropical Ice is an ideal choice for those who love the vibrant flavors of tropical fruits with an invigorating icy twist. It's not just an e-juice; it's a frozen tropical adventure, offering a refreshingly sweet and cool experience with every inhale.

Available in 20 MG

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