Flip Bar - Passion Punch Ice & Razz Nana Ice

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Flip Bar 9000 Disposable Vape

The Flip Bar 9K Disposable Vape introduces an enticing blend of Passion Punch Ice and Razz Nana Ice, offering a unique combination of exotic and creamy flavors. This dual-flavor vape device allows for an effortless switch between two distinct and captivating taste profiles, enhancing your vaping experience with its innovative design.

Passion Punch Ice takes you on an exotic journey with its blend of tropical fruits, embodying the essence of a passion fruit punch with a cool, icy finish. This flavor is a tropical getaway in every puff, perfect for those who crave a fruity, refreshing vape with an exhilarating chill. On the flip side, Razz Nana Ice offers a delightful mix of tart raspberries and creamy bananas, creating a smooth and indulgent flavor profile, complemented by a subtle icy touch.

Features & Specifications:

  • Eclectic Flavor Experience: Passion Punch Ice for an exotic taste and Razz Nana Ice for a creamy delight.
  • High Puff Capacity: Up to 9000 puffs, ensuring extended enjoyment.
  • Dual Vertical Mesh Coil System: Provides a consistently rich and smooth flavor.
  • 16ml Combined E-Liquid Volume: Ample e-liquid for a lasting vaping session.
  • USB Type-C Rechargeable Battery: Ensures reliable performance and easy recharging.
  • 20mg/ml Nicotine Concentration: Balanced for a satisfying vape.
  • Battery Status Indicator: Keeps you informed about the device's power level.

The Flip Bar 9K Disposable Vape in Passion Punch Ice & Razz Nana Ice is a fantastic choice for vapers who appreciate a blend of exotic and creamy flavors with a refreshing icy finish. It's a standout in the disposable vape market, offering a unique and enjoyable flavor experience.