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Vape Barn Review; The Chill line is undoubtably one of the more well-known e-liquid salt nicotine lines in the industry. They have been making quite a splash with their incredibly robust and rich flavours. 


BLUE RASPBERRY SALT: Refreshing Blueberry soda brimming with fizzy fruit yumminess, and refreshing ripe raspberries

ORANGE PEACH SALT: A explosive blast of sweet peaches, oranges and hints of mango creating a harmonious blend that will tantalize your taste buds.

RAINBOW PUNCH SALT: A kick-ass combination of sweet pineapple juice, ripe raspberries, garden strawberries, fresh slices of orange, juicy Fuji apple, and a few notes of tangy lemon to zest up this delightful, fizzy, tropical beverage

RED BERRY: A busy blend of garden strawberries, topped with sweet black cherry juice with a fizzy finish.

PURPLE GRAPE: Mix of purple grapes and sweet raspberries picked steeped to incredible perfection.
Raspberry Watermelon: A mind-blowingly delicious blend of sweet raspberries and fresh watermelon slices.
Raspberry Apple: A juicy concoction of red raspberries and juicy apples.

Kiwi Berry: Fresh-cut kiwi slices with sweet berry undertones.

Apple Peach- A delectable mix of sour apple and sweet juicy peach nectar.