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Vape Barn Review; It's not often we come across a dessert line that actually does it right. Get your hands on this decadent line of savoury flavours bursting with yummy goodness!

Crunch: Golden graham crackers dipped in fresh milk, coated with honey. Mmmmm!!

Strawberry: An unbelievably delicious funnel cake drowned in sweet strawberry glaze and vanilla ice cream.

Cinna Swirl: Hot and fresh Cinnabon with a generous amount of creamy vanilla frosting!

Lemon Vibe: Lemon meringue pie with graham crust topped with toasted meringue!

Hazel:  Double chocolate doughnuts baked with a sweet chocolatey frosting topped with chopped hazelnut! 

Dunks: Your favourite Vanilla cookies from your childhood dipped in delicious rainbow frosting.

Hoops: Vanilla cookie dipped in rainbow frosting

Vanilla: A creamy vanilla custard pudding

Moo Moo: Creamy, refreshing chocolate milk

Loopy: Fruit cereal milk, fruit loops