Flip Bar Disposable Vape

Presenting one of the best disposable vapes in Canada, the refreshed FLIP Bar 9000 Disposable Vape!

Experience the future with the FLIP Bar 9000, a Dual Flavour Disposable Vape that merges two distinct tastes in one sleek unit. Delight in 9000 puffs, alternating between two unique flavour profiles just by rotating the mouthpiece by 180 degrees. It's like having two vapes in the palm of your hand!

Currently, the FLIP Bar 9000 offers a selection of 8 tantalizing combinations, with a combined 16ml E-Liquid reservoir and a nicotine potency of 20mg/ml. Thanks to its Dual Vertical Mesh Coil system, each puff promises a rich and silky flavour. The device's heart—a robust 700 mAh rechargeable battery—ensures unwavering performance and zest throughout its 9000-puff life. 

Available FLIP Bar Combinations:

  • Berry Colada Ice & Kiberry Ice
  • Berry Blast Ice & Straw Melon Ice
  • Grape Punch Ice & Berry Blast Ice
  • Passion Punch Ice & Razz Nana Ice
  • Razz Nana Ice & Grape Punch Ice
  • Straw Mango Ice & Tropical Ice
  • Straw Melon Ice & Straw Mango Ice
  • Tropical Ice & Passion Punch Ice

*And Now More Available Flavours!*

Distinctive FLIP Bar Attributes:

  • Two-in-One Flavour Experience
  • 9000 Puff Capacity
  • Enhanced with Dual Vertical Mesh Coil
  • Battery Status Light

FLIP Bar Key Specifications:

  • 16ml Collective E-Liquid Volume
  • USB Type C Rechargeable Battery
  • 20mg/ml Nicotine Concentration
  • Crafted by FLIP Bar

Box Includes:

  • A Single FLIP Bar Disposable Vape Unit