Juul VS STLTH VS Vuse- What's The Difference? (Which Is The Best?)

Juul VS STLTH VS Vuse- What's The Difference? (Which Is The Best?)

If you're looking for an easy way to quit cigarettes, you might have been recommended one of the three devices we'll be talking about today. You might have friends or family members that swear by one of these pod vapes, and definitely for good reason as their success rates for quitting smoking are incredibly high. But what's the difference between them and which one is the best? Join us on the front lines of this epic battle of the vapes and shed some light on which one is right for you, depending on your specific needs and goals. 


First Off, What Are These Vapes And Why Are They So Popular?


These vapes are currently amongst the most widely used devices in the industry at the moment. It all started with Juul, which paved the way for many similar vapes that came after it. When one thinks of the conventional type of vaping device, the images that meet the mind are that of big, boxy, clunky-looking machines that produce enough vapour to rival a Metallica concert back in the day.

But Juul changed the game with their revolutionary design that featured a closed-pod system that came pre-filled with e-juice, making it a lot more convenient for people who wanted a quick and effortless way to get their nicotine fix without the hassle of having to consistently change coils and fill up their own juice (not to mention all the problems that came with trying to fit one of those big, clunky box-mods in your pocket on a night out on the town). The only maintenance one must keep up with is the consistent buying of the pack of pods that contain the e-liquid. Think of them as your "pack of cigarettes". When they run dry, you just throw them away instead of changing the coil or refilling them. Very easy and efficient.

These types of vapes are currently dominating the vaping industry and are really setting the golden standard for other vaping companies that are all frantically following suit, trying to mimic Juul using similar designs because they have seen that people have responded exceptionally well to them, including us and our customers at Vape Barn. Now we can get into the nitty-gritty and talk about each individual vape on its own, and what separates them from the competition. 



Juul, having the first-mover advantage, has been enjoying the fruits of their labour for quite sometime given their massive success in such a short period of time. There is no doubt that they have revolutionized the vaping industry and changed the way people saw vapes forever. But are they the best just because they were first? I wouldn't say so myself. 

Recently, Juul has gotten themselves into a little bit of hot water regarding all the negative media attention and the mis-guided and mis-informed accusations that have plagued their company and name. But we won't talk about that here, as there is no place for it in this specific article. Here, we'll be talking about the quality of the device itself and why you should OR shouldn't buy one yourself. 

The Juul still stands as one of the best quality vapes out there, as our stores have sold countless amounts of them to very happy customers who have gone on to quit smoking. I myself have used Juul in the past and I can say that there were many things I liked about them, and many things I didn't.




*Fantastic hit that accurately mimics a cigarette 

*Decent flavours

*Fast charge time



*Incredibly expensive compared to the rest of the competition (21.99 per pack)

*Much lower juice capacity compared to the competition (0.7ml per pod)

*Inconsistent quality regarding the drag/hit of the device

*Only a handful of flavours to choose from

*Slowly becoming more and more scarce (more difficult to find)


Flavours Available; 

-Virginia Tobacco 

-Golden Tobacco 

-Mango (perhaps not anymore)


-Cool mint


-Fruit Medley


Verdict; 7/10



The STLTH vape became widely popular exclusively in Canada at some point after Juul released their vape. It is the same type of concept with a few differences. They are of course a Canadian company, and they’ve got more than one edge that keeps them ahead of the Juul in my personal opinion. Mainly the size of their cartridges/pods/juice capacity, their price, (being much lower than Juul while offering a lot more e-juice in a single pod) and specifically, their large collection of flavours. This is the department we noticed Juul was lacking in. 


The STLTH brand has got countless amounts of flavours under their belt, ranging from their very own brand to the other companies’ brands that they teamed up with in the industry. I wouldn’t be able to list every flavour they’ve got here as there are quite a lot of them with more on the horizon. The sheer variety of flavours alone is enough to go head-to-head with their behemoth counter-part, Juul, who only sports about 10 flavours at most. I will list some of their most popular flavours down below that we sell and use personally, and that our customers continuously buy.


Besides the large buffet of flavours to choose from, STLTH pods deliver a juice capacity of around 2ml PER pod as opposed to Juul’s measly 0.7ml. That’s almost 3 times the size of a single Juul pod. Not only that, but a pack of STLTH pods (which comes with three pods) is even cheaper than a pack of Juul pods, and still provides you with so much more juice. If a Juul user were to switch to STLTH right now, the amount of money they would save might be a deciding factor to stick with it and abandon Juul forever. 




*Large juice capacity per pod (2ml)

*A large selection of flavours to choose from

*Cheaper in price (compared to Juul)

*Consistent draw/hit 

*Decent battery life

*Fantastic flavours 



*Pods have some spit-back every once in a while

*Pods might burn out every once in a while (some slight inconsistency issues with the quality)

*Slightly clunky design in comparison to Juul and Vuse


Flavours Available (Not All);


-Raspberry Sour Apple

-Pink Lemonade (third-party)

-Blue raspberry


-Several mint flavours (including fruity+minty)


-Passionfruit Aloe

-Crisp Apple

-Cotton Candy (third-party)

-Banana Milk (third-party)

-Mango Pineapple (third-party)

-Apple Peach Sour Rings (third-party)


Verdict; 8.5/10



I will say that Vuse (formerly known as Vype) is undoubtably my personal favourite one. I truly believe it is the highest quality vape I have ever used, and the closest device I have ever had to a cigarette. I use it every single day and couldn’t recommend it enough. Our customers would agree with me, as well. Vuse has come a long way. They started off in gas stations, and are now mainly in vape shops (not all vape shops, but our’s for sure). They used to be…just “okay” in my opinion but they have vastly improved their design and their e-juice to bring forth a draw that very accurately mimics a cigarette. So many of our customers have quit smoking using this device, some of them having been smokers for 20-30 years+.


The design is classy and thin, like Juul. But the area that Vuse shines the most in is their quality. I believe they have an overall better device when it comes to things like not spitting excessively in your mouth, not burning out before the pod empties, the quality of the draw and the quality of the flavours themselves. The main reason I recommend Vuse is for the draw/hit that you get on the inhale. It is smooth, the perfect amount of air (as opposed to Juul and STLTH which sometimes feel a bit too tight and restricted), and I absolutely love their Tobacco flavours. If you are currently a smoker trying to quit, I would highly suggest you give this device a go as I know you won’t regret it. 


Just like STLTH, the pods have around the same juice capacity (2ml). STLTH gives you three pods per pack, while Vuse only gives you two, but the price for a single pack rests at 12 dollars Canadian so it works out to be almost the same. They have a good selection and variety of e-juice as well. Not as many as STLTH but not as little as Juul. I will list some of their flavours below in a minute. But first, onto the PROS and CONS.




*Fantastic quality 

*Fantastic draw

*Good-tasting flavours 

*Cheap (compared to Juul)

*Large juice capacity

*Sleek Design (like Juul’s)

*Very consistent draw/hit



I honestly can’t think of many cons. Perhaps the only thing I will say is that every once in a while (but very rarely) one might receive a little bit of spit-back but I haven’t met a device that will never run into this problem, including Juul. 


Flavours Available (not all);

-Around Four Tobacco Flavours

-Around Three types of Mints


-Lemon Berry







Verdict; 9.5/10




It can be challenging to know which one of these three devices would work best for you. One thing I will say is that I don’t believe anyone should buy Juul. With other devices being much better, the cost can’t be justified at all. Add to the fact that it is becoming increasingly harder to get your hands on them. 


If you’re stuck wondering which device you should pick (between the STLTH and the Vuse), I’d say that if you’re the type of person who fancies a wider selection of flavours and puts a lot more emphasis on the taste RATHER than the actual draw/hit itself, I’d say go for the STLTH as they have fantastic flavorous. If you’re the type of person who values the actual draw/hit and FEEL of the drag, Vuse wins every time, hands down. For someone trying to quit smoking, Vuse is most definitely my highest recommendation for you (you can order the pods ONLINE here)

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