Z Stick Plus DISPOSABLE Vape

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The Z Stick Plus Disposable Vape Pen was inspired by the notoriously popular Z Pods (STLTH compatible pods) and are just as delicious as all the z pod flavours you've come to love! Jam packed with 2500 puffs of extraordinary flavour, these disposable vapes are poised to take over the entire market! Carrying over the most popular flavours from their z pod collection, the Z Stick Plus disposable vapes offer a wide variety of different flavours that will keep you coming back for more!



Bear Ice- (Delicious gummy bear flavour on ice!)

Banana Ice



NRG- (A refreshing energy drink flavour)

Pink Lemon



Strawnana- (A perfect blend of strawberry and banana

Skit Ice- (Delicious, colourful and vibrant skittles candy on ICE)

Watermelon Ice



Product Info

-2500 puffs

-800 mAh battery

-20mg Special Nic Blend

-5ml juice