Veeba Disposable Vape | 350 Puffs

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The VEEBA Disposable Vapes are the perfect blend of great flavour and sleek design, with a slim body and loads of flavour. The Veeba Disposable offers a great vaping experience, with an e-liquid capacity of 2mL and 1.8% (20mg/mL) of salt nicotine, all while being extremely pocket-friendly and a tad bit stylish.

The Veeba Disposable Vape comes equipped with an internal 280mAh battery, delivering up to 350 puffs of great flavour and an incredibly smooth, pull activated draw that will leave you satisfied.


  • Gold: Fruity and citrusy blend on ice
  • Indiblue: Exotic, creamy berry
  • Blue Mint: Mint 
  • Yellow: Delicious blend of exotic fruits on ice
  • Red: Fruit Punch on ice
  • Classic Tobacco: Roasted dark tobacco
  • Coral Pink: exotic, fruit, cooling
  • Mauve: Berry mix on ice