Lemon Drop 60ml

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Vape Barn Review; Lemon Drop is a refreshing fruit and lemonade infused e juice line that achieves perfect balance between sweet and tangy! 

Peach; A peach lemonade that will surely blow your mind! 70% VG 30% PG

Pink; A beautiful blend of sweet, tangy, sour, refreshing pink lemonade! 70% VG 30% PG

Blood Orange; Sour blood orange squeezed into freshly mixed lemonade!70% VG 30% PG

Black Cherry; Freshly picked wild black cherries infused with sour lemonade. Cherry has always been a tough flavour to nail but these guys absolutely perfected it. Try for yourself! 70% VG 30% PG

Mango; Not quite the mango you'd expect. Juicy mango and refreshing slices of orange blended together into a tangy lemonade concoction.  70% VG 30% PG

Strawberry: Fresh garden strawberries and classic zesty lemonade.

Watermelon: Refreshing watermelon lemonade. A perfect blend and a fan favourite!

Blue Raspberry

Banana: Sweet bananas and tart lemonade!

Grape: Splash of sour lemonade with purple grape goodness!

Pineapple: Sweet tropical pineapple juice with a splash of tart lemonade!

Blueberry: Sour lemonade with notes of sweet blueberries