Koil Killaz Polar

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Vape Barn Review; Koil Killaz is back with a vengeance! You can now vape your favourite koil killaz juice with an added ICY twist! 

Ambush Polar- Juicy red fuji apples and sour green apples layered on top of sweet cranberries with an ICY finish. 

Rampage Polar- A ferocious blend of pink guava, juicy mango, and refreshing pineapple ON ICE. 

Sasquatch- The elusive, never-before seen mythical creature finally emerges out of the depths of the enchanted forest bringing forth his secret recipe of crisp juicy apples and sweet purple grapes ON ICE! 

Savage- A savagely mix of freshly picked strawberries, refreshing watermelon, and sweet delicious frozen kiwi crushed and blended with ICE!
Assault- A fusion of sweet blueberries with fresh dragonfruit and guava!
Blitz: Chilled watermelon, blueberry and pear!
70% VG 30% PG