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Higher Standards - Supreme Cleaning Kit

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• All-In-One Cleaning Kit • Premium Tools • Eliminates Residue & Buildup • Deep Clean Action • Exclusive Products Included • Effectively Cleans Pipes, Rigs, & Vaporizers

Designed for functionality and convenience, the Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit provides you with everything you need to keep your pipes, rigs, and vaporizers in pristine condition. The Supreme Clean Kit is equipped with premium, high-quality products: ISO Pure; Salt Rox; Pipe Stix; Pipe Dreamz; Resin Rags; Dot Wipes; Tube Tops. This powerful kit also features two exclusive cleaning tools: the Salt Schute and Stem Brush.


1x ISO Pure | 16 oz 1x Salt Rox | 23 oz 1x Stem Brush* 1x Resin Rags 1x Salt Schute* 2x Dot Wipe 6x Tube Top 12x Pipe Dreamz 12x Pipe Stix *SUPREME CLEAN KIT EXCLUSIVE ITEM PERFECT FOR USE WITH: HS-GLASS-BEAKER-PKG: HS Heavy Duty Beaker HS-GLASS-RIG-PKG: HS Heavy Duty Rig HS-GLS-RIGLER-PKG: HS Heavy Duty Riggler