CBD Oil For Sleep

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Proudly made in beautiful British Columbia. This powerful sleep-promoting CBN+CBD oil can provide a potent relief for sleep insomnia so you can have long, uninterrupted blissful sleeps every night. All organic ingredients, no added preservatives or artificial flavouring. Lab tested.

CBN is just another Cannabinoid like CBD. This CBD oil has a unique blend of CBN, CBD and melatonin, all capable of offering very powerful sleep relief. 


How Much Should I Take?

Try starting off with 0.5-1ml (half an eye-dropper to a full eye-dropper) under your tongue, 30 minutes before bedtime. Hold under the tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing for maximum results. *SHAKE WELL BEFORE EACH USAGE*


Ingredients; Organic MCT Oil, Premium Help extract (CBN + CBD), Melatonin