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All Natural CBD dog treats, with just 4 yummy, healthy ingredients that your dog will love! Gluten-free and low in fat, these CBD dog treats are great if your dog has aching bodily pain, inflammation and/or arthritis related to old age.  Also helps with restless dogs who need to relax. Canadian Beef LIVER flavour. 

Ingredients; Organic Hemp Extract, Chickpea Flower (for protein), Vegetable Glycerin, Canadian Beef Liver. 


How Much CBD Should You Give Your Dog?

A single dog treat has 10mg of CBD. Most dogs should have 1-5mg per every 10LB depending on the severity of their pain/anxiety. 
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Example; If your dog weighs 20 pounds and is in severe pain, you can give them a full CBD dog treat daily. The same 20 pound dog with very mild pain can have 2mg (which is 2/10ths of a single dog treat since each treat has 10mg).