Bo One Vape Starter Kit

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The BO One from Jwell is a new mouth-to-lung Closed Vaping Pod System.   The BO One pod system kit is the perfect hassle-free starter kit for anyone looking to “make the switch” into vaping or for advanced vapers looking for a new, higher nic, discreet unit.  With its simple, sealed pod system, the BO One provides a clean, mess-free vaping experience with great battery life, and general low maintenance.

The BO Pods hold an impressive 1.5mL’s of liquid for their size and come pre-sealed for convenience. The battery is a internal rechargeable 380mAh lipo that lasts an impressive amount of time for its size, and can be charged with either the USB magnetic stand or charge cord provided in the kit.

Its restrictive hit gives you a solid yet smooth nicotine draw, similar to that of an analog, while still giving surprisingly good flavor.  

The BO One kits come with 2 Coca Cola flavoured pre-filled pods, at 12mg/ml nicotine strength. There are many awesome flavour pods from sweet fruits to savoury tobacco available for purchase separately from the BO One Starter Kit.

This 100% Authentic Jwell BO One Kit comes with:

  • 1x – BO One Device
  • 2x – Pre-Filled Pods
  • 1x – USB Magnetic Charging stand
  • 1x – Instruction Manual


BO Vaping BO One Starter Kit (Canada):

Height: 10cm
Weight: 22Grams
Battery Type: Internal 380 mAh lipo
Available Colors: Black
Pod Liquid Capacity: 1.5mL

Pre Filled Pods included: Two