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Vape Barn Review; All day vapor has been a fan-favourite amongst our customers for a long time. We were very excited when they announced that the same flavours people have been vaping in free-base has finally arrived in the form of delicious nicotine salts. This line of e-juice has a plethora of different flavours, most of which keep people coming back time and time again, hence the very fitting name; "All day vapor". It really is juice that you can vape all day!


Purp Thang: Sweet grapes, rich with flavour. VG to PG Ratio:65/35

Sauve: A delicious blend of sweet pineapple, kiwi, and a splash of guava. VG to PG Ratio:65/35

Verry Berri: A popular blend of freshly picked raspberries and blueberries that come together to deliver a tarty and sweet e juice that will have your taste buds dancing. VG to PG Ratio:65/35

El Bacco A high-quality, smooth tobacco flavour that comes pretty damn close to the real thing. VG to PG Ratio:65/35

Blitz : A perfect concoction of refreshing watermelon. Sweet and juicy. Undoubtably one of the more popular flavours in the line. VG to PG Ratio; 65/35

Smoovie:  Kiwi and banana, just the way you used to make your smoothies before giving up on the healthy lifestyle and switching to an All-Pizza diet. At least with Smoovie e-juice, you can still enjoy the rich taste of your favourite smoothie without the extra calories! VG to PG Ratio; 65/35

Meloha: Meloha is a ridiculously tasty mash up of sweet strawberries, refreshing melon and delicious slices of banana straight from the tropical islands!