Twelve Monkeys 60ml

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Vape Barn Review- The Twelve Monkeys e-juice line is by far one of the most well-known brands in the entire industry. If you haven't already tried one of their flavours, you're greatly missing out! Almost every vendor HAS carried the 12 Monkeys brand in the past, or currently does, for good reason. Try them out for yourself and see if the recognition is deserved! 

Hakuna Juicy Green Apples And Sweet Red Apples with hints of Cranberry VG to PG Ratio:70/30

Mangabeys A tropical explosion of fresh guava, ripe mango and mouth-watering pineapple VG to PG Ratio:70/30

Jungle Secrets (NEW) A perfect blend of Sweet Lychee and delicious Mango VG to PG Ratio:70/30

Circle of life (NEW)  The ultimate Pear e-juice! Sweet, sour, intense Green Pear flavour VG to PG Ratio:70/30

Kanzi A classic from Twelve Monkeys- Fresh Kiwi, Garden Strawberry and Refreshing Watermelon VG to PG Ratio:70/30

Queen Soko (NEW) Fresh Strawberry Citrus Delight!  VG to PG Ratio:70/30

Origins Papio Pure, juicy, mouth-watering golden Pineapple slices, done right! VG to PG Ratio: 70/30

Matata: A masterpiece blend of fresh grapes from the vine and succulent sour green apples! 

Bliss: A blend of Orange, Mango and juicy pineapples!

Haven: A delightful mix of pear, apple and grapes

Paradise: Exotic flavours of Pineapple, strawberry, banana and coconut!