Twelve Monkeys Nicotine Salts

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Vape Barn Review- Twelve Monkeys Salt E-Juice is the same line of Twelve Monkeys flavours you know and love, now available in Nicotine Salts without compromising on tastiness! 

Queen Soko A Fantastical Blend Of Sweet Strawberry Citrus! Yummm...

Circle of Life Juicy, Full-Fledged, Mouth-Watering Green Pear Done Right!

Jungle Secrets Unbelievably delicious Mix Of Juicy, Sun-Ripe Mangos And Sweet Lychee. 

Harambae A busy concoction of Sour Grapefruit, Tangy Blood Orange, Zesty Lemon And Lime, And Citrus Guava. 

Shoku A Colourful Blend Of Sweet Passion Fruit, Freshly Picked Raspberries and Strawberry Sugar!

Puris Tangy Peach Citrus

Mangabeys A Tropical Elixir of Juicy Mango, Island Pineapple, And Citrus Guava To Remind You Of Warm Summer Days By The Beach...

Kanzi Exotic Mash Up Of Strawberries, Juicy Watermelon Slices and Sweet Kiwi Nectar!

Gattago Unique And Addictive WHITE GRAPE Blend Unlike Any Other Juice You've Tried! 

Hakuna A Delicious Blend Of Juicy Red Apples, Green Apples, And Sweet Cranberries

Bliss: A blend of Orange, Mango and juicy pineapples!

Haven: A delightful mix of pear, apple and grapes

Paradise: Exotic flavours of Pineapple, strawberry, banana and coconut!

Pata's Pipe: Tobacco infused with chocolate and vanilla!

Harmony: Peach, berry, Lychee

Sanctuary: Peach, Strawberry, watermelon

Zen: Melon, Pineapple, Banana