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There are a multitude of popular flavours that sell consistently on our store. Below, you'll find the flavour profiles available to you;

Frost Stlth Pods- Simple Minty flavour 

Mango Stlth Pods- A juicy, sun-ripe mango

Tundra Berry Stlth Pods- A unique blend of delicious berries with a hint of mint

Honeydew Menthol Stlth Pods- A refreshing honeydew blend with an icy exhale

Crisp Apple Stlth Pods- A mouth-watering red apple

Berry Blast Stlth Pods- An explosion of delicious berry flavour

Tobacco Stlth Pods- Premium, high-quality tobacco blend

Naked Hawaiian Pog Stlth Pods- A citrusy blend of passionfruit, orange, and guava

Hope Creme Stlth Pods- A delicious and smooth vanilla 

Hope Mint Stlth Pods- A refreshing, plain mint flavour

Naked Really Berry Stlth Pods- A succulent mix of refreshing berries 

Fruitbae Passionfruit Aloe Stlth Pods- A sweet blend of passionfruit and aloe

Fruitbae Grapefruit Watermelon Stlth Pods- Mouthwatering melon and grapefruit

Fruitbae Raspberry Sour Apple Stlth Pods- Fresh raspberries and sour green apple

Blue Raspberry Stlth Pods- Sweet blend of blueberries and raspberries 

Decocded Atlantis Stlth Pods- Delicious blueberry and guava mix

Decoded Bloop Stlth Pods- Yummy candied watermelon and kiwi

Decoded Rongo Rongo Stlth Pods- Strawberries and refreshing cucumbers

Flavourless Stlth Pods- Enjoy the delicious and refreshing taste of nothing! 

Strawberry Stlth Pods- Rich and savoury strawberry-cream 

Banana Ice Stlth Pods- Rich banana with an icy exhale 

SHIJIN Peach Mango Stlth Pods- Citrus peach and sweet mango

SHIJIN Blue Raspberry & Green Apple Stlth Pods- Blue Razzed Sour green apple

SHIJIN Blue Raspberry & Green Apple ICED Stlth Pods- Blue Razzed Sour Green Apple with an icy exhale

Confusion By Labo LVS: A blend of delicious raspberry lime, mangosteen, grapefruit and grenadine! 

Citron Melon By Labo LVS: A mix of melons with a touch of the zest of a lime!

Cigar : An authentic cigar taste blended with a hint of sweet cuban leaf tobacco.

Mint: A fresh mix of mint with a frosty finish

Hope Berries: A perfectly mixed fusion of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries