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Relx Pods come in a pack of 2 and are compatible with the RELX Infinity & the RELX Essential Device. The pods themselves offer spectacular flavour and an incredibly smooth draw. The RELX vape has been one of the most popular devices when it comes to helping smokers quit. With so many fantastic flavours to choose from, like Hawaiian Sunshine (a delicious golden pineapple flavour) or Fresh Red (mouth-watering watermelon), you won't have any problem finding the best RELX pod flavour that suits your taste. 

The Relx Pods have an e-liquid capacity of 1.8ML and offer an unbelievably satisfying draw. When it comes to Juul VS Relx, Relx Pods give you a  smoother hit while still maintaining better flavour, as well as sporting much bigger pods at a cheaper price. It is no surprise to see why the RELX vape has become one of the most sought after vape devices in the industry. Place your order today so you can start enjoying a much more satisfying and rewarding vaping experience. 

Relx Pods available in 18mg and 58mg nicotine strength! 




.Dark Sparkle / Icy Cola: Icy fresh and mildly cooling cola flavour!

.Forest Gems / Mixed Berry: Sweet with a hint of sour mixed berries.

.Fresh Red / Watermelon Ice: Watermelon fusion with a hint of menthol.

.Golden Slice / Mango: A succulent, juicy sun ripe mango. 

.Hawaiian Sunshine: Amazing juicy and sweet pineapple flavour!

.Ludou Ice: Rich and earthy flavours of mung beans with a lasting cooling

.Menthol Plus / Mint: Cool, strong sensation of freshness, powered by menthol

.Orchard Rounds / Peach: One of the best, mouth-watering peach flavours around!

.Raspy Ruby / Raspberry: Sweet raspberry flavour with subtle cooling

.Rich Tobacco: Smooth genuine tobacco taste with rich nutty notes

.Sunny Sparkle / Orange Soda: Tangy refreshing orange soda with fizzy goodness!

.Tangy Purple / Grape: Sweet, freshly picked purple grapes.